04.09.11    Saturday   San Francisco

TEDxSFED is an independently organized TEDx event focused on rethinking the status of education by highlighting new and different ways to approach learning.”


“TEDxSFED will showcase a mosaic of learning paradigms with speakers who are re-imagining education both in and out of the classroom. With the theme, mashEDup: re-imagine education, TEDxSFED will highlight new and different ways to approach learning in an effort to help change the status of today’s education system.”


By far the hippest ed conference I’ve looked around and found myself sitting in.


Deep discussion about CHANGE going on here.

Disruption in education is good.

Impressive speakers/performers (partial):

  Sandy Speicher     IDEO, Design Learning Leader   http://www.ideo.com/

  Victor Diaz            Realm Charter School           http://www.realmcharterschool.org/

  The Freeze           MC’s/Musicians/Teachers       http://www.thefreezesf.com

  Esther Cook          Edible Schoolyard                 http://www.edibleschoolyard.org/

  George Watsky      Spoken Word Performer         http://georgewatsky.com/

  Dale Dougherty      O’Reilly Media/Maker Faire    http://youngmakers.org   

  Tony DeRose         Pixar, Director Research Group     http://graphics.pixar.com/research/

In the Words of Others or... Tweets OF Note:

TEDxSFED | mashEDup | re-imagine education

Grammy’s On the Hill - RIAA in DC

04.13.11    Wednesday Thursday   Washington, DC

The GRAMMYS on the Hill event is what many call "Washington's most interesting mix of music and politics." Groups of music industry professionals participated in two days of music advocacy meetings connecting with members of Congress about issues important to the lives of musicians.

Recording Arts Coalition

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